10 October 2010

10.10.10 just another day

KLANG: Many view 10.10.10 as a special day to begin new ventures, but religious groups said the numbers did not bear any spiritual significance.

Chandra Dass, a follower of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, said 10.10.10 was seen as an auspicious day with business establishments wanting to make a move to boost revenue.

He said a friend tried booking a ballroom in a luxury hotel for today but was told that the rate had been increased.

Based on traditional Hindu scriptures, Chandra said the day was of no significance and was just a “coincidence”.

“There are no spiritual bearings on 10.10.10 and it is not going to change our lives,” he said, saying that people should regard each day as auspicious.

Klang Hokkien Association assistant registrar Tan Gee Shim said the Chinese community regarded 10 as an ideal number that brought luck.

She, however, said those who were superstitious might not consider the day as auspicious.

“It is the Year of the Tiger and it symbolises ferocity and aggressiveness,” she said.

She said it depended on how an individual perceived 10.10.10, adding that while some might look at it as unique, others might not give much thought to the date.

She said 288 couples would tie the knot today at the Klang Hokkien Association hall to commemorate 10.10.10.

Malaysia Gurdwara Council president Harcharan Singh said 10.10.10 did not hold any religious or cultural significance to Sikhs.

He said the religion did not assign any special significance to a particular date or number and even culturally, Sikhs had never seen any particular date or number as being more lucky or auspicious.

“There are many weddings and other functions being held on Oct 10 this year as a matter of convenience because it falls on a Sunday.

“There is no religious significance,’’ he added.

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